Notebook and Pencil

Letter from Founder/Principal Dr. Scott Blanchard

Dear Parents, 

We have truly witnessed God's combined miracles since we began homeschooling 23 students inside Bethel Christian School’s elementary building in early 2021. We are committed to Excellence not just academically, but spiritually, and relationally as well.

Christ Bridge Academy will set aside the “Gold Standard” and replace it with a “Godly Standard.” We will hold our students and staff to this standard, and we ask you to consider holding yourself accountable to this as well. We are beyond blessed to have such amazing support as we launch our new campus. 

I told the 23 homeschoolers on the first day of class in the spring. They are pioneers. That twenty years from now, I may not be leading this, they will have graduated, gotten married, and have families. Students at Christ Bridge will remember the year 2021, not because of the end of the pandemic or because a community survived two hurricanes. It is because Christ Bridge Academy was launched from the rubble. Elevation Music sings, “From the ashes a new life is born.” From the ashes of 2020, Christ Bridge Academy was born. 

We consider ourselves an “all-inclusive academy for Christ.” When we say this we mean not only do we encourage and love all races, ethnicities, but all denominations of the Christian faith. We will not teach doctrine. We will teach Biblical Foundations and Christian Leadership. We feel that the scholars’ home church have the authority and responsibility to teach biblical doctrine based on the scholar’s individual faith. By adopting this lens, we will be able to educate Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Church of Christ, Lutherans, Non-denominational, Presbiterians, etc. I think you get the picture. We want our School to look like heaven, filled with believers! 

We have assembled an amazing staff of smiling, loving, qualified teachers and staff members. We want to be the example of Christ’s love for the students as well as the community we serve. 

We have lofty academic goals, and we will push your scholar to their limits. We ask in advance to allow us to do what we have been called to do. We want to have amazing teacher parent communication and relationships, and we will always teach a Biblical Worldview.  

We can’t wait to get started,

Yours in Christ,

Dr Scott Blanchard